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Assessment - Arts

Table 1

Here are the key concepts to be explored across the MYP. The key concepts contributed by the study of arts are aesthetics, change, communication and identity.

Aesthetics Change Communication Communities
Connections Creativity Culture Development
Form Global Interactions Identity Logic
Perspective Relationships Systems Time, place and space

These key concepts provide a framework for arts, informing units of work and helping to organize teaching and learning.


Aesthetics deals with the characteristics, creation, meaning and perception of beauty and taste. The study of aesthetics develops skills for the critical appreciation and analysis of art, culture and nature. In the arts, the concept of aesthetics is perceived differently around the world and across cultures.


Change is a conversion, transformation or movement from one form, state or value to another. Inquiry into the concept of change involves understanding and evaluating causes, processes and consequences. The arts may be a reflection of change, or an inspiration for change.


Communication is the exchange or transfer of signals, facts, ideas and symbols. It requires a sender, a message and an intended receiver. Communication involves the activity of conveying information or meaning. Communication is often regarded in the arts as a message between the artist and an audience, or between performers


Identity is the state or fact of being the same. It refers to the particular features that define individuals, groups, things, eras, places, symbols and styles. In the arts we often explore the self and self-discovery through the concept of identity; however, identity may also refer to the identity of a genre, style, movement, particular artist or place.

Assessment Information

Assessment for arts courses in all years of the programme is criterion-related, based on four equally weighted assessment criteria:

Criterion A Knowing and understanding Maximum 8
Criterion B Developing skills Maximum 8
Criterion C Thinking creatively Maximum 8
Criterion D Rsponding Maximum 8

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