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Assessment - Personal Project

The personal project is a significant body of original and creative work which is the product of the student's own initiative. Students focus on a global context to direct their learning in keeping with the IBMYP Philosophy. The personal project involves extensive research, planning and analysis which is largely done outside of school hours. Each student is assigned a supervisor (usually, but not limited to, a teacher) to support and guide them throughout the process. Students begin the project in Year 4 and complete it approximately a year later. The personal project provides an excellent opportunity for students to produce a truly personal piece of work and is intended to be the culmination and reflection of the student's five year involvement in the IBMYP.

The MYP Personal Project consists of three components:

Personal project component How it is assessed 
Focus on topic leading towards a product/ outcome Evident in the presentation/report
Process journal  A selection of extracts in appendices of the report
Report The content of the report assessed using all four criteria

Assessment Information

Assessment for the MYP personal project is criterion-related, based on four equally weighted assessment criteria.

Criterion A Investigating Maximum 8
Criterion B Planning Maximum 8
Criterion C Taking action Maximum 8
Criterion D Reflecting Maximum 8

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