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Lucia V. Coretti


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Objectives and goals

School Objectives
PCHS is a community secondary school that is clearly focused on teaching and learning. With the support of staff and parents, PCHS defines itself as an English school that will:

  • Foster responsibility and accountability in all members of the school community.

  • Ensure a safe, respectful and welcoming school environment.

  • Create an environment that promotes cooperation, pride, tolerance, common courtesy, self-confidence and social responsibility.

  • Ensure that all students are supported in their efforts to develop perseverance in academic and social responsibility.

  • Teach each student to function effectively in English and French.

  • Help enrich the experience of students through participation in creative and performing arts, sports and school life.

  • Empower the student body to become involved in the community.

  • Provide students with opportunities to prepare them for future educational and/or occupational endeavours and the desire to continue to learn.

  • Take pride in our work, our school, ourselves.



  • To establish and maintain a positive school climate in which learning can take place.

  • To develop a sense of self-discipline and responsibility in the school community.

  • To protect the basic right of all students to a sound educational experience within the school by preventing those who do not share these goals from impeding the learning of others.


School Success
School success is built on sustained action over a long period of time.

  • Students must attend class. It is expected that an average, healthy teenager will be absent due to illness not more than five days per year. 

  • Students must complete all homework assigned.

  • Students who are absent from class are expected to complete assignments missed.

  • Schoolwork must take priority over all other activities.

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