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Policies and Regulations

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Safety Measures

The following safety measures are implemented at PCHS:

Laboratory Regulations for Science Courses

  1. All labs are out of bounds to students who are not regular students registered in a Science course.

  2. All accidents are to be reported immediately to the class teacher.

  3. Extreme care is to be exercised in the use of lab equipment and chemicals.

  4. Running, foolish and boisterous behaviour will not be tolerated.

  5. Safety regulations posted in the labs are to be respected at all times.

  6. Students may be held responsible for any breakage of lab equipment as a result of carelessness.

  7. Students should dress appropriately. No outdoor clothing or bags will be permitted in the labs. Loose fitting clothing and long jewelry should be avoided.

  8. Students must wear safety glasses during all Science experiments.


Fire Regulations

  1. Fire regulations are posted in each classroom. When evacuation of the building is required, students will use the exit indicated on the map and proceed to the designated area.

  2. Any person found guilty of tampering with the alarm system or safety equipment may be prosecuted.

  3. Fire exits are to be used in cases of emergency only.

  4. Students are expected to comply with the rules of fire safety. Playing with matches, lighters or flammable materials such as aerosol products is strictly forbidden.


School Hours

Students are not permitted to enter the building before 7:30 on regular school days and 9:45 on late entry days.

Students who are not involved in tutorials, or extra-curricular activities, must leave the building by 2:40 p.m. as there is NO supervision provided after this time.


Code Red

If we should ever be required to go into a lock-down mode (stranger in the building etc.) a “Code Red” will be announced. During this time all students will remain in their classroom and out of sight lines. This is a practiced drill.


Emergency School Closing - Parental Responsibility

From time to time, it may become necessary to close the school unexpectedly during the day. A power failure, a burst pipe or a number of other reasons may require that students be sent home during the day. In such cases, the buses are recalled and the students who are bused are taken home by the usual routes. Parents are urged to make the necessary arrangements to deal with such emergencies.


Extracurricular Activities and Field Trips Safety Measures

  1. Students whose behaviour is inappropriate or a threat to the safety of themselves or others will be sent home. This would include the use of alcohol and/or drugs. The parents/guardian will be directly contacted and must pick up their child.

  2. At all points of movement throughout the trip, mornings and evenings, a head count will be taken.

  3. A reasonable curfew will be established for each night.

  4. An emergency communication protocol will be in place that includes the presence of the Field Trip cellular phone, administrator’s phone number and bus company phone number. Supervisors will travel with a binder that contains the Emergency Medical Treatment Forms and Parental Permission and Release Forms.

  5. Trip organizers will ensure that certified supervisors are available for any activity (such as swimming and canoeing) that requires it.

  6. Trip organizers of excursions going into remote areas need to avail themselves with an emergency number (such as forest ranger, provincial or state police). A school first aid kit must also accompany the group.

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