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Library Hours:

Monday - Friday
7:30 am - 3:30 pm 
11:40 am - 12:30 pm
(regular start)
11:01 am - 11:51 am
(late start)

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PCHS Library Learning Commons

The goal of the school library is to support both the staff and students in the lifelong process of learning by encouraging reading and by developing effective users of information.


The library at PCHS is fully automated, with 2 terminals dedicated exclusively to our Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC). We offer students an excellent collection of English and French fiction and non-fiction in print and electronic format, as well as a growing Spanish collection.  

Our collection includes:

  • More than 18,000 books with an up-to-date reference collection

  • subscriptions to many contemporary magazines

  • Several research databases including Infotrac, an Online Periodicals Database – Ask the librarian for the access codes!

  • Access to OverDrive Digital library and 860+ ebook titles

  • 17 computers offering Internet access, word processing and a variety of software.
    Students are encouraged to save to their Google accounts  

  • 16 Chromebooks

  • scanner, 2 laser-jet printers (1 colour printer), a photocopier, headsets

  • 12 Kobo eReaders

  • green screen kit

  • makerSpace kits

  • permanently installed SmartBoard


We also offer: 

  • Seating to more than 175 students at any one time

  • Orientation classes for Secondary I

  • Library skills instruction at all levels

  • Reference services

  • Library projects intended to support the curriculum and enhance library skills

  • Internet Search instruction with an emphasis on Google Search

  • Instruction on the use of the Canadian Periodicals Index (Infotrac)

  • Instruction on the use of the Encyclopaedia Britannica Online and Encyclopédie Universalis


  Discover the LBPSB digital library!

  Click here to access the PCHS Library Catalogue  PCHS Library Catalogue 


  LBPSB Fusion


    Finding Creative Commons Content


  Ask librarian for username and password


  Ask librarian for username and password


  Ask librarian for username and password


    Canadian Points of View Reference Centre 


  Please see librarian for login info.


  More research help


Useful Library Links

  Discover the LBPSB digital library!

  A Research Guide for Students

  Âllo Prof!

  Atlas of Canada


  Bibliothèque et Archives Nationale du Québec

  Canadian Encyclopedia

  Canadian Museum for Human Rights

  CC Search

  Copyright (Canadian Intellectual Property Office)

  Desmos – Free Math & Graphing Calculator

  Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online

  Good to Know: A Google guide to staying safe and secure online  

  Google Cheat Sheet 

  Homework/Study Tips


  Melanin in YA

MLA Style Center

  MLA Citation Style Guide (Concordia)

  MLA Citation Style Guide (Purdue)  

  Présenter sa Bibliographie : documents imprimés et électroniques  (UQAM)

  Réseau des Bibliothèques de Montréal et Catalogue Nelligan

Teenspace A+ Research and Writing (Internet Public Library)  

United States Memorial Holocaust Museum  


Free Resources - Audiobooks

    The Bluford Series

Free Resources - eBooks 

    Internet Archive  

    Project Gutenberg  

Indigenous Peoples


Policies and Procedures 

Rights and Responsibilities

The library is an important educational resource. It is intended to be an inviting place where students can read and study in a quiet atmosphere conducive to learning.

Our statement of Rights and Responsibilities has been developed in an attempt to safeguard the library collection and to acknowledge the rights of students and staff wishing to make use of the services and resources the library has to offer.

The library functions as a multi-media information resource center supporting education. It is not a social club. In that spirit, students wishing to use the library must have something productive to do. They must be behaving in such a way that allows other students to be productive. We encourage students to use the library for study, recreational reading and for access to computers and other media.

It is forbidden to bring food or drinks into the Library.  


Borrowing Policies

Any student wishing to borrow items from the library must have a valid PCHS I.D. card. There is a $5 processing fee when a lost card must be replaced. Students may not lend their cards to other students, or borrow material for other students.

Material in the general collection is loaned for two-week periods.

Reference material is loaned overnight under special circumstances and must be returned by 7:45 the following morning.    



Any student wishing to use a computer must register in the logbook and present:

  • The "Technology Permission" form signed by a parent and the student - found in the student's agenda

  • A valid PCHS I.D. card  


Use of the Library

Before and after class all students are free to use the library.

During the lunch period students wishing to use the library must have work to do or material to read.

During class time, students wishing to use the library must present a library pass signed by the teacher or a valid gold pass.  



Digital Rights and Responsibilities

Digital citizenship involves understanding the social, ethical and legal issues relating to all aspects of technology, in order to use it appropriately and effectively. There are rights and responsibilities that go hand in hand with being a good digital citizen. The rights and responsibilities listed below apply to all users of the Lester B. Pearson School Board network.

I have the RIGHT to:


• learn and work in a safe, appropriate, and
  secure environment free from harassment *
• use the school board network for educational
• be respected as an individual
• express opinions, ideas and feelings, while
  keeping in mind the rights of others
• have my digital identity protected from
  unauthorized use
• have managed access to the internet**
• report any action interfering with a safe
  learning environment to the appropriate

• contribute to a positive culture of learning
• use school/centre space and equipment, as
  well as personal devices, in an appropriate,
  responsible and respectful way
• respect others and their right to privacy
• practice safe, appropriate and legal and
  responsible use of information and
• protect my personal information and that of
• engage in technology use for educational
  purposes and respect for educational value

* Please refer to the definition of harassment as defined in the Lester B. Pearson School Board’s Policy on Safe and Caring Schools (pages 5-6). In the context of digital rights and responsibilities, examples of harassment would include, but are not limited to: cyberbullying, posting, publishing or displaying any defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, racially offensive, sexist or illegal material.

** The internet refers to the worldwide system of computer networks, linked by a broad range of electronic, wireless and optical networking technologies  

Conditions of Use of the Lester B. Pearson School Board Computer Network


Dear Parents/Guardians,   

Pierrefonds Community High School is fortunate to have access to technology such as computers, mobile technologies, audio visual tools, etc., which includes internet and email capabilities. We believe it is important for students to learn the responsible use of these valuable resources, which will greatly enhance their learning environment.

Although our school board uses practical means to screen out inappropriate material, there is always a possibility that students may come across text or images that are not consistent with our educational goals and values. While providing students with protection from accidental exposure to such materials is impossible, we believe that the benefits of using this medium far outweigh the risks. We invite all parents who are concerned with internet safety to consult the following site on the Lester B. Pearson website: http:esd.lbpsb.qc.ca/internet_safety.htm

The use of the school’s technology equipment and network is a right accorded to all students, however, they are expected to conduct themselves responsibly and politely. Attached is the LBPSB Digital Rights and Responsibilities. We encourage you to discuss this with your child, and hope that you will also find them beneficial if your child is using technology at home.

I have reviewed the guidelines herein with my child for acceptable use of digital communications & technology, and we agree to abide by them. We understand that any violation of these rules will result in sanctions as outlined in the Appropriate Use of Digital Communications and Technology Policy.

To consult the policy, click here.

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