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Policies and Regulations

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School Buses

Transportation on a school bus is a privilege. For the safety of all passengers, a few regulations are necessary:

  1. Students must be on time at their bus stop. The driver does not have to wait for students who are late.

  2. Students should always treat the bus driver and fellow students with respect and courtesy. Foul language, shouting, spitting out of windows and other improper behaviour will not be tolerated and could lead to suspension of transport privileges.

  3. Smoking is not permitted on school buses.

  4. Cumbersome objects such as hockey sticks, large hockey bags, shovels, animals, etc. are not to be taken on the bus. Skates and skateboards will be tolerated only if enclosed in a canvas bag. The bus driver has the authority to decide what objects are excluded from the bus.

  5. Any acts of vandalism will be dealt with very severely. Damages will be paid for by the guilty party.

  6. Students may only take the bus that they have been assigned. Students must carry their bus pass at all times.

  7. Students must remain on the sidewalk while waiting for their school bus. Students are requested not to go between or behind parked or moving buses.

In general, students guilty of misconduct on a school bus may have the privilege of school transportation suspended for a period of time. This will depend on the gravity of the offense.  


Student Cars/Motorcycles/Bicycles

Students are not encouraged to bring motorcycles or cars to school. If, however, it is necessary for a student to bring a vehicle to school, it must be understood that he/she is not to use the vehicle during school hours. Students who fail to respect school regulations can be refused permission to bring a motorized vehicle to school.

Students driving to school may use the parking lot on René Émard. Students are expected to proceed carefully and cautiously on school grounds.

Students may bring bicycles to school but the school will not be responsible for damaged, stolen or lost bicycles.  

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