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Student Services

V M. Felix – School Nurse

Mme Felix works here Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, educating classes about health related issues and helping individual students with the same (such as eating disorders, sexual issues, and drug or alcohol use).

M. Ferriauolo – Social Worker

Mrs. Ferriauolo is here four days a week, as an on-site placement from the CLSC Pierrefonds. Mrs. Ferriauolo works with students and their families around issues that have arisen outside school and that make it impossible for the student to concentrate on schoolwork. She is also trained in crisis intervention counselling.

P. Aldred – Spiritual & Community Life Animator

Mrs. Aldred is here two days per week. She directs multi-faith celebrations of milestones during the school calendar, runs a drop-in centre for quiet reflection at lunch hours and runs the Centre for various faith groups to use for prayers.  

Please click here to access our Spiritual & Community Life Department

E. Waugh - Department Coordinator - The Learning Centre and Alternative Learning Programs

Ms. Waugh provides academic support for students with Individualized Education Plan. She oversees the Individualized Education Plans for all levels, coordinates support for the students, advises the teachers on adaptations and modifications for the students, and provides accommodations for exams. She also oversees the work of the Special Education Technician and the Integration Aides, as well as advising the student services team on the placement of students in the ALPs.

J.A. Guay - Psychologist

Mrs. Guay is here Wednesdays and Thursdays to help students with crisis situations, developmental issues and to assess students for clinical learning or behavioural difficulties.

N. Abunowara – Planning Room Technician

Mrs. Abunowara is in charge of the Planning Room and the Peer Mediation Program. She helps students who are having trouble getting along with a Teacher or classmates.

C. Carson – Guidance Counsellor

The guidance counsellor focuses on academic and career education, counselling and planning with secondary III – V students. She also does personal counselling, and assessment and referral for crisis situations.  

Please click here to access our Guidance Department

Students can now make guidance appointments online! *  Please click here.

* Please note that students can only book one 30 minute appointment unless otherwise agreed upon, as well as should not be booking appointments during core classes. Failure to follow these instructions may result in a cancelled appointment.

D. Bieszez - Work Study Program Coordinator

The role of the Work Study Coordinator is to encourage PCHS students to participate through high school to use “Career Cruising" for careers as well as constantly updating resumes and arranges for “job shadowing”. The coordinator also provides some students in grades 9, 10 and 11 an opportunity to experience stages (in their career choices when possible) while receiving credits; many students receive part-time employment through this. The Work Study Coordinator is available at PCHS on a part time basis.

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