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IB Program

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The International Baccalaureate Programme

The International Baccalaureate programme offers courses in advanced studies including Spanish, a personal project and community service.

PCHS has had an official International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme since the program’s inception in 1992. Our curriculum and student achievement are fully moderated from IBMYP headquarters in Cardiff, Wales, and upon graduation our students receive the internationally recognized IBMYP diploma together with their Record of Achievement and Achievement Portfolio.

With its emphasis on developing the skills, attitudes and knowledge to participate in an increasingly global society, the programme offers enriched and advanced courses, and a third language, Spanish, in years 3 and 5.

Community Service is an essential element of the programme in years 1 through 4 and the Personal Project is the integrative and substantial piece of work that culminates the student’s secondary school education.

The IBMYP has proven to be an excellent preparation for CEGEP. Students consistently find themselves both academically well prepared and ready for the independent work and critical thinking needed for their CEGEP year
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The French Immersion Program

85% of PCHS’ students follow this outstanding bilingual program. Extracurricular activities such as “Classe Neige” enhance the classroom experience.


The Regular Program


Alternative Learning Programs (ALPS)


“Insanity is to always do things the same way and expect a different result.”  Albert Einstein

ALPS at PCHS offers 4 distinct programs designed to meet students’ specific academic needs and vocational interests:





Work Study Program

The Work Study Program allows students to work at earning credits for a number of secondary IV required courses while simultaneously acquiring real work experience through a required one day a week placement stage. The main focus of the Work Study Program is to prepare students for the workplace after their high school experience; therein, students work on attaining the required prerequisite courses for various vocational education programs. Upon completion of the program students can opt to enter a vocational program or move into the regular secondary V courses which lead to a high school leaving diploma.

Vocational Educational Program

Vocational Educational program (VEP) VEP is an introduction to vocational education. It is designed to explore different interests within the vocational studies and attain grade 9 academics. The program promotes students school perseverance and success, proposes exciting and demanding challenges and maximizes the time allocated to job training. The program involves a maximum of 600 hours in academic studies (English, Science, French and Math), 100 hours on studies in Vocational Education Exploration and a maximum of 300 hours of Observation and Experiment Learning Activities (OLEA) achieved in a company, a Vocational Education Centre, or in the community, preparing the student for a skilled trade.   OLEAs are varied and diverse and may include but are not limited to:

  • On-site training with entrepreneurs, contractors or self-employed workers.

  • Entrepreneurial projects

  • Entrepreneurial experiences related to a skilled trade

Pre-Work Training Program

The three year Pre-Work Training Program is designed for students who have experienced difficulty following a regular course of study in Elementary Cycle Three and Secondary Cycle One. Throughout their time in the Pre-Work Training Program, students are encouraged to develop their independence while making the transition from school to work. The students begin this journey during their first year in the program, when, at 15 years of age, they are introduced to the world of work in a hands-on course developed to foster good work habits and positive attitudes. Students also follow a course of academic study in order to strengthen their basic skills and allow for greater options in the future.

Training for a Semi-Skilled Trade Program

The one year Training for a Semi-Skilled Trade Program is a designed for students who have experienced difficulty obtaining the competencies required for success in the core subjects of Secondary Cycle One. This one year program allows students to focus on the competencies required for English, Math and French in Secondary Cycle One, Year Two. Furthermore, students complete a minimum of 375 hours of training in a Semi-Skilled Trade. This valuable experience opens numerous doors for the students, including adult education, entering the workforce or returning to Secondary Cycle Two Year One.

Both programs in the Work-Oriented Pathway lead to official government certification.  

The alternative programs have a dedicated staff of teachers, technicians, integration aids and administrators working together to provide the best education possible for students.  

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