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General Information

Eli William Addis
Guidance Counsellor
Email: eaddis02@lbpsb.qc.ca

Our Guidance Counsellor focuses on academic and career education, counselling and planning with Secondary III-V students. He also does personal counselling, and assessment and referral for crisis situations.


PCHS has once again bought an annual site license for the extremely useful www.careercruising.com, so your students can visit the site as many times as they want to. This site was created by a group of computer techs in Toronto and is constantly updated with the most recent Canadian and American information. Contact the guidance office for a username and password. Check it out!!

Career Cruising: If I Were 22 | LinkedIn


Parent Portal
The Parent Portal helps parents engage in the career planning process with their children by allowing parents to monitor and comment on their child’s career development activities. Parents can track their child’s portfolio completion status; view their child’s portfolio, including the interests, achievements, goals, and career and education plans s/he has recorded there; provide feedback on portfolio content; receive messages from their child’s teacher or counsellor.

Parents access the Parent Portal using an activation code, available via email invitation from their child. Once they have a code, they can go to www.careercruising.com/parent to register and log into their account.  


Why Write the SAT & PSAT?  
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Scholarships & Awards 
  Canadian Merit Scholarship Foundation
Fall deadline
  Discover the Stars Scholarship Program
January deadline
targeting science & technology
  Leonard Foundation Scholarship
A a scholarship opportunity for students who need financial help to enter an undergraduate university program. Candidates must be willing to work part time while in school, and association with the military helps...Students in need please check the details online.
  There are so many scholarships available for so many qualifying reasons that I'm sure no one person can know them all. Luckily for us, there are a couple of legitimate websites that serve as 'clearing houses' for scholarships. What that means is that it's worth your time to complete/ create your own profile on these sites, and keep it updated as you go through different stages of your schooling. With that information [who you are, which stage you're at, what you want to study] the website sends you emails about scholarships you might possibly be eligible for. Yes there's some work answering questions and maybe writing essays, but for free money!? it's worth it!
  Scholarships Canada
  Scholarships Canada (Student Success Stories)
  Student Awards.com
The Student Awards website is linked to the Canadian Government's CanLearn system. Registering on this site will create your own personal search engine for scholarships! Upcoming scholarship opportunities that 'fit' you and what you want to study will be emailed to you, even with reminders of upcoming deadlines.

Peer Tutors  

Is your son or daughter struggling with some subjects? Does s/he need extra help getting organized to get homework /projects done? Peer tutoring ($10/hr) is available at PCHS. Most tutoring lists also include CEGEP ($15/hr) and university ($20/hr) students, as well as teachers and other tutors. You are free to call anyone on the lists to set up appointments that fit your schedule. There are also professional tutoring centres. Try:

Classique Tutoring - 514 696 8771

French & Math Education Centre - 514 816 4410

Landsdowne Centre - 514 697 4133

Strategic Learning Centre - 514 631 9745

among others.


Tutors Needed:

if you're doing well in any subjects and looking for a bit of part-time work, how about becoming a peer tutor? You'll earn $10/hr and can set your own schedule. Interested? See Mr. Addis or click here for an application form.


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