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Placement Policy

In the first cycle of high school, Secondary I and II, students are evaluated in a cumulative and on-going way during the two year cycle. Students who are not succeeding by the end of the first year in the core subjects, may be asked to attend summer school to help bridge any gaps between the two years of the cycle. At the end of the cycle, teachers and the level administrator will make recommendations for each student’s placement in cycle II of high school.  

In Secondary III, IV and V, students must obtain a final cumulative average of 60% in each subject to receive appropriate credits (subject promotion).

Tutorials, make-up tests and after-school sessions. are held on a regular basis to assist students in achieving a passing grade in all courses.

Students may be expected to attend summer school if a failing grade is obtained in English, French or Mathematics. If summer school is not attended, students may be required to repeat the course.

Students who are absent from class tests may be required to make up the test or, alternatively, at the request of their teacher, may be required to complete an additional assignment for evaluation,

Absences from formal examinations can only be excused with a doctor’s note.  

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