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Participatory Guidelines

Participation in extra-curricular activities is subject to regular school attendance, consistent effort in a student's schoolwork and appropriate behaviour. If any of the above is not being followed, a student may be withdrawn from extra-curricular activities. Students must demonstrate to the teacher advisor that they deserve to participate in an activity. Being a member of a school team or an extra-curricular activity is a privilege, not a right. The following are to be observed:

  1. The regular school program is your number one priority. Schoolwork should not suffer due to involvement in any activity.

  2. Any student not well enough to participate in all classes on a specific day will also be incapable of participating in an extra-curricular activity.

  3. Any student suspended from school is not permitted to participate in any school activity while under suspension.

  4. School equipment is expensive. It is to be treated with care and respect or will be repaired or replaced at the student's expense.

  5. Cooperation with staff is a necessity. Staff members and other volunteers are giving their time to run an activity and expect your help and support.

  6. Finally, you represent your school, teacher and teammates during an activity, whether it is at PCHS, in another school or in transit. Your behaviour, therefore, must be at the highest level. Sportsmanship, adherence to game rules, courtesy to all officials, guests and hosts in other schools is expected at all times.

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