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Our History

Block Scheduling
Implemented in September 2002, block scheduling consists of longer class periods designed to address the relationship between time and learning.

30th Anniversary - 2001
Famous alumni graduates helped the staff, parents and students commemorate 30 years of exceptional educational service in September 2001! Four teachers were honoured for their thirty years of dedication to PCHS, one of the most successful high schools in the Island Council network.

Middle School Program
In an attempt to better meet the needs of the early adolescent, a group of experienced PC staff collaborated to develop a distinct middle school program. This committed group works hard as a team to keep this innovative effort vibrant and relevant.

Diverse Environment
PCHS offers both students and teachers an eclectic, diverse environment in which to be creative and grow. This might explain why the PC staff has been stable for many years. In addition to this, the staff continues to be energetic, committed and willing to go the extra mile when needed.

Success for All - A PCHS Priority
PCHS has developed a reputation in the community as a structured, disciplined school in which a caring and committed staff offers challenging programs. Four programs of study - the International Program, the Immersion Program, the English Program and the Remedial Program - place success within the reach of all students.

School Name Debate - 1995
During 1995 the Pierrefonds Comprehensive High School community engaged in a lengthy debate over the school name, given that PCHS was no longer comprehensive in the traditional sense. After numerous consultations and a strategic focus group deliberation, it was agreed that PCHS should remain comprehensive. This would reflect both the wide variety of programs and services offered and the commitment to meeting all student needs.

Outstanding Programs and Services
In particular, Pierrefonds Comprehensive has been noted for its outstanding bilingual education, science programs and services to special needs students. Pierrefonds Comprehensive prides itself on the International School Program which began in 1992.

Serving a Diverse Population
Pierrefonds Comprehensive takes pride in the uniqueness and diversity of its multi-cultural environment. It serves students with different learning needs who come to us from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds.

Architectural Design
Pierrefonds Comprehensive was constructed as an open area school with no walls. The cinder block design was the idea of a California architect, selected on the recommendation of the soon to be principal of the new school, John Oss.

The open classrooms and the cinder block design presented pedagogical challenges and, shortly after opening, walls were constructed and the cinder blocks were painted.

The school's design was both magnificent and awesome, while awkward and impractical. The auditorium, field house, library and cafeteria, as well as the many science labs and vocational training centers, provided unprecedented opportunities for the students of PCHS

Serving English Community - 1977
Initially Pierrefonds Comprehensive High School served both French and English students. When Polyvalente des Sources was built in 1977, PCHS established its role as an English school serving the population north of the Trans Canada Highway.

School Opening - 1971
Pierrefonds Comprehensive High School opened its doors in 1971, offering both academic and vocational programs. Although 'Villa Nova', New Beginnings, was first suggested as a name, the final choice, Pierrefonds Comprehensive High School, better reflected the school's multi-disciplined approach.

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