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Interfaith Mural

Created in 2003 and located at the main entrance to PCHS, the mural is dedicated to the mystery of faith, the diversity of human experience and the spiritual life of the PCHS Community. The Mural was created with the assistance of art teacher Sylvie Allard and her students.

Spiritual and Meditation Center

Patricia Aldred
Spiritual Care and Guidance and Community Involvement Animator
Email: paldred@lbpsb.qc.ca

Part of the mandate of the Spiritual Animation Service was to establish The Center. The intention was not to create something overtly religious (though there are pictures and religious artifacts) but, rather, to offer something spiritual, inspiring, peaceful and thought-provoking. Students spend most of their time in the school proper and this space is by its very definition secular; the Center is a space that is set apart from the everyday and is treated respectfully. To provide students with a sense of ownership, pieces of student-created artwork were solicited to adorn the walls. We are especially proud of the mural based on Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam by PCHS alumnus, Amanda Connel. The intention is that everyone, regardless of faith, be given the opportunity to enjoy the space as a haven from demanding lives.

What do students say about the Center?

The Center was warm and welcoming. We were all in a circle where it was harder to feel left out of a conversation.

The Center offers an intimate setting that brings students and their teacher closer together. In some intangible fashion, The Center seems to dissolve apprehension. Students don’t seem as concerned with saving face in front of their peers.

The Center is a more intimate and open setting…and I think that helped people think about what was really important to them so that they would be able to ask what was troubling them and hopefully have their questions answered.

 It almost seems rude to laugh or cause disruption of any kind in The Center.

Being taught in such a quiet and calm atmosphere is a very relaxing break from our hectic schedules and courses. I leave The Center feeling the most relaxed I have ever felt in school.

I find it is much easier to concentrate when I am there because I feel I become very spiritual and very open to any words that are spoken.

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